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 “I am extending my recommendation on behalf of The Douple Insurance Agency regarding their service commitment to their customers. A property loss is an event that most people do not expect and very few have experienced. Your choice of an insurance agency is the single most valuable determination in what this experience will be like should an unexpected loss occur. Douple is like no other agency in these matters.

Compleat Restorations restores fire and water losses that are primarily handled as insurance claims. While we do work with numerous agencies, Josh and his team stand out strong in terms of extraordinary customer service. When we handle their losses, policyholders appreciate how involved the Douple team is in making certain that they are made whole again. Many insurance agents send their policyholders to an 800# when they have a loss, wish them luck and never follow up. This makes the restoration process take much longer than necessary when the most important thing is to get your business back up and running or returning to life as normal in your home. Josh and his team waste no time in expediting matters, and make sure that they are involved every step of the way. We understand how important price is when choosing an agent, and though The Douple Insurance Agency has a strong reputation for competitive pricing, it is hard to put a price on the level of service they provide. That is why we have also been a satisfied customer of theirs for over 20 years.

If you are considering The Douple Insurance Agency to handle your insurance needs, but are uncertain whether or not it makes sense to switch, ask your current provider about their property loss process. If they send you immediately to a call center, which most do, than you know it’s time to switch. It is always a pleasure for us to handle the restoration needs of Douple’s customers because their customers expect more. The Douple team strives for excellence and we like to work with the best.”

With Strong Recommendations,
Aaron Jacobs;
Business Development Consultant

“The suggestions you made about helping me save money on my drugs turned out better than I hoped. We saved $168 each month! I wish you would let me pay you something for all of the time you spent with me. Our current agent doesn’t even return my calls. I WILL be in to see you in November when I can change plans.” Barbara

“I wanted to take a moment and thank you for all you do for me and my husband. We are on a fixed income and every dollar we can save helps. You spent all of that time researching our medications and we are very appreciative. When I got home I figured out how much money we saved by changing drug plans and it was over $800! Thank you again, have a wonderful Christmas with your family.” Esther

“It’s not often in this society that as a customer you feel like someone REALLY cares about you and goes the extra mile. I want you to know I give your name to EVERYONE I know. My wife still laughs at me when I say I can’t believe you called me to tell me about getting the same exact coverage for $50/month less…I can’t! Most people only care about making a quick buck. Keep up the great job!” Craig

“Please accept these homemade cookies as a small token of our appreciation for all you do for us. We are lost when in it comes to Medicare and you explain everything so simply. You may not even know how much of a blessing you are to us seniors, but you are! Thank you & Merry Christmas.” Sue

“When my husband passed away last year, I was very concerned with trying to understand all of this insurance stuff because Clarence took care of all of it. I felt so much better after you came out and explained everything. Now I know why he thought so highly of you. Thank you!” Joan

“I don’t know what I would have done without your advice when I was going through all of our healthcare options. Thank you for taking the time to find the plan that was right for me. It has taken a lot of stress off my shoulders and the plan has worked exactly as you explained.” Mary

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