When you add new employee to your roster, there are certain requirements as an employer your responsible to complete.  Aside from the normal payroll and new hire requirements, we recommend you add these Pre-Enrollment documents to your checklist.  Regardless if the employee intends to enroll or is eligible for benefits, you are required to provide the following notices.  

HIPPAMarketplace Notice

This notice describes the health plan’s special enrollment rights and, if applicable, disclosure that the plan requires a reason for declining coverage.  Special enrollment rights allow an employee who previously declined coverage to enroll mid-year due to marriage, birth, adoption or loss of other group health coverage.  The notice should be provided at or before enrollment and annually, if the group holds an open enrollment.

You are required to notify your employees about the Marketplace (Affordable Care Act’s online health insurance marketplace).  If an employee is eligible for group health benefits they receive the “Notice for Eligible Employees.”  If an employee is not eligible for benefits for any reason, such as part time, seasonal, etc they would receive the “Notice for Non-eligible employees


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