Distributed at Other Times:

The following documents may have been included initially or on an annual basis, but also have other distribution time limits.  Some forms may or may not apply to your group.  Please carefully read the description to see if applicable.

Summary Plan Document (SPD)Pre-Existing ExclusionsPrivacy NoticeMedicare Part D NoticeUniformed Service Employment (USERRA)Certificate of Credible Coverage (CCC)Grandfather or Non-Grandfather Notices

The SPD is the document that informs participants and beneficiaries about their benefits, rights, and obligations under the health plan and how the plan operates.  It must be comprehensive and written in simple terms.  Distribution should occur within 90 days of becoming covered under the plan and updated SPD’s must be provided if changes are made.  Otherwise, a new SPD must be furnished every 10 years and copies provided with 30 days of request.

Discontinued as of January 1st, 2015. 

Distributed every 3 years (beginning from the date it was first distributed, also see “pre-enrollment tab)

Notice must be provide by October 15th of each year.  This notice informs Medicare Part D eligible participants whether the prescription drug coverage under the group’s plan is credible (equal or greater than coverage provided under Part D).  This allows these individuals to make an informed decision regarding enrollment into Part D, as those with non-credible coverage may be penalized for last enrollment into Medicare Part D.

Upon notification that an employee is being called to active duty, the USERRA Election Notice should be distributed to the employee along with the COBRA election notice, if applicable.

No longer required as of 12/31/14 

This notice was required for plan changes or renewals after 9/23/2010 to comply with the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act (PPACA).  Notice was only required to be provided to participants one time, if applicable.

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